Telemarketing and Lead Generation

Business to business telemarketing is an effective route to market that can generate results and reach your potential clients at a rapid level, far higher than many other methods. Telemarketing is used to generate leads and often as part of a wider reach, multi method strategy, incorporating other activity streams such as the use of social media applications to project your business and brand to your target market.

Appointment Making

We further develop your reach to potential clients by providing you with genuine quality appointments, building your sales pipeline by getting you face to face with your future clients. We work with you to build a specific profile of potential clients before contacting your prospects, when we are confident that they fulfill your criteria after qualifying them based on your requirements we can then secure the appointment for you.

Market Research

To stay ahead of your competitors it is essential to understand your target market and who your competitors are and importantly, what their offer is. Market research is also a great benchmark for identifying what your target market perception is of you and the services you offer. Market research is a key tool in defining what your unique selling points are and also monitoring any gaps in the market, enabling you to fill the gaps and offer a holistic service that your competitors may not be in a position to do. We take the guess work out of the equation, providing you with valid and accurate information allowing for productive business development. Research criteria can be built around service levels, current charges or any area of your industry that may be changing due to legislative or technological updates.

Customer Relationship Management

Retaining your existing clients is imperative to building your long term client base however with a focus which often prioritises the pursuit of new business it can often be overlooked. Keeping in touch with your existing clients can benefit your future relationships whether it is gathering crucial information, up-selling existing products or to follow up on services provided. We can welcome your customers after they have paid for a product or service. A welcome call will impact the perception of your business from your client’s perspective and can help to develop long term relationships.

Database Building/Cleansing

An accurate and current database if essential if you are to operate effectively and efficiently in any business that requires ongoing contact with clients and prospects. It is critical to the success of any telemarketing campaign. In order to optimise your potential for success we can precede any campaign with a database cleansing or building project in order to create the best foundations before commencing a telemarketing campaign. These services can also be offered on a stand alone basis if you simply require the basis of your campaign and would like to conduct your own telemarketing activity in house. We also offer a list purchase service which can be profiled by geographical area, size of company, job title etc and you can choose the fields for contacting these prospects by email, telephone and/or address.

Sales Coaching and Workshops

We understand that you may be equipped with the resources to conduct a telemarketing campaign but may need some support in undertaking it. We can help. If you are not experienced in telephone based sales activity it can seem like a minefield and you just don’t know where to start! Sales coaching and workshops can be delivered at your premises during the working day and will help to develop your existing skills. We will ensure that you have a pre-defined sales plan and processes in place to enable you to undertake your telemarketing campaign with confidence, allowing you to retain control and deliver your own results! Each workshop or coaching session is bespoke to you and/or your team, ensuring that you are equipped with a relevant and credible approach to reaching your target market.

Social Media and Online Brand Management

Social media has grown rapidly since it’s inception and is increasingly being used in business.We can plan, publish, monitor and report back to you on your social media activities. Make the most of social business networking by staying connected with clients, prospects, industry contacts and business partners. It’s not about selling as much as about sharing. We offer a tailored brand management service to do that for you 24 hours a day if required. Share ideas, promote your services, connect and expand your networks, all in one place. We offer careful, dedicated building of your brand and business online, linking back to your website or blog to drive traffic to your service portfolio. We can also set up and develop a blog for you using your preferred template style to suit your business.

Event Planning

Event organisation can be time consuming and stressful when you are required to prioritise the normal day to day running of your business. Let us look after the organisation of your event.This can be anything from sourcing a venue through to managing invitations and confirming attendance, working with prospects and suppliers or generating PR opportunities for your event.


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