Does Your Sales Process Work For You?

A ‘catch all’ sales process can help to ensure that you keep in touch with the right prospects or customers at the right time.  

Do you find that you are missing follow-up calls or not seeing through the after sale service procedures you would like to deliver? Do you  find that your sales strategies allow for inconsistencies where keeping on top of your sales pipeline is concerned? If so then you would benefit from reviewing your sales process to help you increase your sales.

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Social Media and Customer Complaints – Protecting Your Business

Social media is a powerful tool that can help you to harness the power of the internet to reach your target market in real-time. Used alongside traditional marketing methods it contributes to a far and wide-reaching campaign which is fantastic in raising your profile and brand however the flip side means that it could have spectacular fall outs for your business. Due to the nature of social media, essentially designed to engage readers to comment on your activities, it means that you relinquish the ability to retain complete control of the opinions expressed online about your business. Customers are able to provide reviews, comments and share experiences of their dealings with you, online and with potentially thousands of other people who could be your potential future customers.

This provokes a forced response from you because if you ignore such comments you are essentially endorsing negative feedback. This isn’t always a bad thing however because there should also be a plentiful supply of good feedback to indicate that you provide excellent products/services.

Encourage feedback from happy customers and deal with any negative comments promptly and politely.  We all know that people buy people and presenting your business through the medium of social media with integrity and focussing on good feedback will relay a positive image to your existing and prospective customers who will be reassured that you are openly dealing with negatives as they arise.

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Measuring the success of your marketing campaigns

Do you find that conversions are low when you’ve invested in marketing activity that should have increased enquiries or sales?

Measuring the success of your efforts is essential to determine if your message is reaching your target market. Selecting metrics based on your objectives will determine how effective your campaign is. For example, if you wanted to increase the number of people who sign up for your newsletter then a good metric to use would be the number or people who have visited your website to subscribe during the selected dates of your campaign. 

Specifics in terms of the increased number of subscribers should be agreed in the planning stages so that you can accurately measure the effectiveness of your campaign. Having a clear goal allows you to clearly define what you want to accomplish. If you wanted to achieve an increase by 20% in the three months from the start of you campaign then you clearly either achieve it or you don’t.

Comparing results from different marketing activities using comparable metrics allows you to make an informed decision about the best methods of marketing that works for you and your business.

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Social Media – Is your online marketing working for you?

Social media has grown rapidly since it’s inception and is increasingly being used in business.We can plan, publish, monitor and report back to you on your social media activities. Make the most of social business networking by staying connected with clients, prospects, industry contacts and business partners. It’s not about selling as much as about sharing. 

We offer a tailored brand management service to do that for you 24 hours a day if required. Share ideas, promote your services, connect and expand your networks, all in one place. We offer careful, dedicated building of your brand and business online, linking back to your website or blog to drive traffic to your service portfolio. We can also set up and develop a blog for you using your preferred template style to suit your business.

Contact us to find out how we can help you to develop a successful online campaign, bespoke to your business and your brand.

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Retaining your existing clients is imperative to building your long term client base however with a focus which often prioritises the pursuit of new business it can often be overlooked.

Keeping in touch with your existing customers can benefit your future relationships whether it is gathering crucial information, up-selling existing products or to follow up on services provided. 

Rhubarb Business Development can manage your customer relationships when you simply don’t have the time. We can do this from the outset of your relationship, welcoming your customers after they have paid for a product or service. A welcome call will impact the perception of your business from your client’s perspective and can help to develop long term relationships. we help you to nuture your relationships as they develop.

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How Market Research Can Help You

To stay ahead of your competitors it is essential to understand your target market and who your competitors are and importantly, what their offer is. Market research is also a great benchmark for identifying what your target market perception is of you and the services you offer.  

Market research is a key tool in defining what your unique selling points are and also monitoring any gaps in the market, enabling you to fill the gaps and offer a holistic service that your competitors may not be in a position to do.

We take the guess work out of the equation, providing you with valid and accurate information allowing for productive business development. Research criteria can be built around service levels, current charges or any area of your industry that may be changing due to legislative or technological updates.

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Are You Targeting Your Customers Effectively?

Whether you opt to focus the targeting of your customers using online or offline methods, it is vital to the success of your efforts to know who your customers are and who you are broadcasting your message to.

Understanding your customers and their behaviours will go a long way to helping you identify and structure your campaign strategy. Have you felt that your efforts have not been rewarded sufficiently and that you have not seen the return on investment that you hoped for? You may feel that you haven’t made the right choices in selecting the methods you have used but it’s more likely that your campaign is well put together but does need to be more targeted in terms of the content and delivery.

Your message should be clear and concise and relevant to your target market and/or existing customer base. You need to know who your customers are and what their expectations from you are, this enables you to create firm foundations from which to launch yourself and your business in to their conscious awareness.

Achieving this takes time and effort on your part. Rhubarb Business Development helps you to establish what is currently working for you and what is not. We provide assistance with creating and reviewing your strategic planning and offer extensive market research services to bring you closer to your customers.

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