Social Media and Customer Complaints – Protecting Your Business

Social media is a powerful tool that can help you to harness the power of the internet to reach your target market in real-time. Used alongside traditional marketing methods it contributes to a far and wide-reaching campaign which is fantastic in raising your profile and brand however the flip side means that it could have spectacular fall outs for your business. Due to the nature of social media, essentially designed to engage readers to comment on your activities, it means that you relinquish the ability to retain complete control of the opinions expressed online about your business. Customers are able to provide reviews, comments and share experiences of their dealings with you, online and with potentially thousands of other people who could be your potential future customers.

This provokes a forced response from you because if you ignore such comments you are essentially endorsing negative feedback. This isn’t always a bad thing however because there should also be a plentiful supply of good feedback to indicate that you provide excellent products/services.

Encourage feedback from happy customers and deal with any negative comments promptly and politely.  We all know that people buy people and presenting your business through the medium of social media with integrity and focussing on good feedback will relay a positive image to your existing and prospective customers who will be reassured that you are openly dealing with negatives as they arise.

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